“Utterly mesmerizing. I’m glad I live in a world at the exact same time that Ground Patrol happen to exist.” My Indie Australia (2.14.20)


“Ground Patrol are determined to take the improv math rock world by storm and gladly jam on their ruins with Geophone.” Everything is Noise (4.4.20)


“SEARCH is teeming with life, it works, it’s joyous.” Tartine de Contrebasse (1.21.19)


“Another math rock triumph from one of the most exciting acts in the genre.” Heavy Blog is Heavy (8.14.18)


“Ground Patrol are re-igniting the fading flames of bands like Storm And Stress, Don Caballero and Ahleuchtistas as they dismantle the familiarities of music and prance around their deconstructed form.” Fecking Bahamas (7.12.18)


“DRIFT is an amazing album… given the quality of it, we are left asking for more.” Can This Even Be Called Music? (11.1.17)


“Together, Sanna and Ilsar’s combined efforts produce four of the most dazzling experimental rock tracks that have graced adventurous ears this year. […] Time won’t need to tell if Ground Patrol will become one of the essential acts in the math rock’s pantheon; their name’s already been etched in stone.” Heavy Blog is Heavy (11.3.17)


“The missing link between Sonic Youth and Battles” Betreutes Proggen (11.22.17)


“DRIFT is as impressive as it is beautiful” It Djents (12.4.17)


“DRIFT doesn’t let go of its gifts easily, but will reward the listener who invests the time to get to know this intriguing album.” Echoes and Dust (11.10.17)